Lucky Man Captures Once-in-A-Lifetime Moment rarely fails to amaze and inspire. Whenever I hear someone say “I need motivation!” I tell them “head out into the wild, because that is the surest place to find your inspiration.” The majesty and beauty of nature is a most awe-inspiring force, and it’s right outside our door.

Brad Rich and some friends were out boating off the coast of Seward, Alaska, when they noticed humpback whales in the distance. Brad focused his camera on some seagulls in the distance, hoping to capture video of the whales feeding — he would not be disappointed.

Brad heard some commotion at the stern of the boat and got the most spectacular surprise of a lifetime – a pod of humpback whales breached right in front of him!

Check out the amazing event around the 0:56 mark — folks, it’s well worth it! (have the volume up, but there is one swear word towards the end, so be mindful).

Spectacular! Incredible!  These beautiful giants are so gentle and one can’t help but get a tingle when they breach the water.