Schools Engage in Cruelty When They Lunch Shame Kids school year is winding down, so kids and Teacher’s are jumping for joy. Even though the school year is almost over and summer upon us, there are still some valuable lessons left to be taught — one lesson we still need to teach, is on basic human dignity.

A hot topic this school year has been “lunch shaming.” Lunch shaming is when a school singles out and shames a student for not having lunch money, or because the parents “owe” money for the school lunch program.

One appalling incident garnered national attention when a School Cafeteria worker in Canonsburg, Pa. discovered a young girl  had an unpaid food bill from last year, her entire lunch — pizza, cucumber slices, an apple and chocolate milk, was thrown in the trash. This is unacceptable. Not only did this school shame this young girl, but they denied her lunch and, wasted perfectly good food! 

This is not what America is about and this should never happen here, or in any school around the world. (read about this incident.)

So, while summer is here, the lesson we should be teaching school officials is that lunch shaming is a form of cruelty ans is never okay and, wasting perfectly good food is completely unacceptable. Schools are not corporations — they need to remember they are funded by we, the tax payers and they exist to educate and care for our children.

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