Lucky Man Captures Once-in-A-Lifetime Moment

Nature rarely fails to amaze and inspire. Whenever I hear someone say "I need motivation!" I tell them "head out into the wild, because that is the surest place to find your inspiration." The majesty and beauty of nature is a most awe-inspiring force, and it's right outside our door. … [Read more...]

The Horrors of Animal Cruelty

One cannot be a good or positive person if they ignore or dismiss cruelty to any form of life -- that is just a fact, no matter how uncomfortable it is to accept. To be a good, compassionate human being, each of us must always defend the most vulnerable in our world -- and animals are perhaps the most vulnerable and abused. … [Read more...]

Crazy Jumping Cat Compilation

Okay, so by now you see that I love Cats! Well, you probably can tell I love all animals. What's not to love? I find animals to be an endless source of joy and amazement. Since it's Friday, I want to share a video that will put a smile on your face. … [Read more...]

Man Rips Shark Out of the Ocean to Save It

Some people say they love animals, but when pressed, they'll often admit it's just the cute and cuddly ones they love. Well, it's good they love most animals, but true animal lovers care about all animals...even the ones that don't look so cute and fuzzy. … [Read more...]

Two Horses Show the Power of Love and Compassion

The solution to most of the world's problems is something we all have within our power -- love. Love is one of the most compelling forces on earth and when given, that power grows and miraculous things happen. So if love is so wondrous, why don't we all just love more?  That is the question of the ages. … [Read more...]