How Do You Live a Simple and Peaceful Life?


I was asked today "how do you find peace in life?"  Wow, talk about a tough question!  I offered up my approach to finding peace in life and we'd love to share that with our readers as well.   Hopefully you'll find it enlightening and, even better, inspiring! … [Read more...]

Reduce Your Negative Influences

The global movement toward positivity and living a meaningful life is growing daily.  People all across the world are realizing that there's much more to life than "things" -- clutter and "stuff" that never makes us happy.  People increasingly now accept that  'material things won't make them truly happy. … [Read more...]

Why You Don’t Need to Like Everyone

As a Christian and a positive thinker, I struggle with an inherent feeling that I need to like everyone. When I meet someone I don't care for, or who annoys me, I grapple with the idea that to dislike them is a negative feeling, which is counter-productive to positivity. But do we really need to 'like' everyone? … [Read more...]

How to Improve Your Self-Esteem: Get Naked!

Body Positive

You may be familiar with the growing popularity of the "body positive movement." This "movement" focuses on teaching people how to overcome conflicts they may have with their own bodies -- showing them that they are beautiful, worthy and valued. … [Read more...]