New Website Makes Personal Finance Easy to Understand

There's no shortage of personal finance websites and with people taking a more active role in their own financial planning, that's a good thing!  While there are many online resources to choose from,  finding the right one(s) for your individual needs takes some leg work. … [Read more...]

Smart Retirement Moves You Can Make Right Now

Retirement planning has become increasingly important.  Between the changes to Social Security rules and changes to 401 (k) and other retirement plans, knowing what you need to do and when you need to do it, is essential. In fact, it's critical. … [Read more...]

An Achievable Get-Richer Plan

Who doesn't want to be rich?  Sure, there are some who shun material wealth and that's awesome.  But there's nothing wrong with having wealth -- it's how wealth is used that matters -- and today, we see a lot of people with obscene wealth, who do nothing to help others. … [Read more...]