10 Signs You’re On The Right Path


If you're not sure if you're on the right path in life, you're not alone. It's more common to feel that we're on the wrong path, than it is to be sure that we're on the right one.  Could that be a good thing? Could the mere act of questioning mean that you're on the right path? … [Read more...]

Law of Attraction: The Power of Positive Words


The words we choose to use, even in everyday conversation, shape and define us. Our words emit energy and create an aura of positivity, or negativity as the case may be -- those around us absorb that energy and subconsciously, they form an opinion of us based on how we speak.  How do the people in your life define you? … [Read more...]

The Voices Inside Our Head


Are your thoughts putting you in a healthy state of mind, or are they causing you stress and negativity?  We all have that little voice in our head that's always talking to us.  Well, that little voice can either do you great good, or great harm.  What is your 'little voice' doing to you? … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Lift Your Mood


I bet your days are hectic -- constantly going, working,  cell phone ringing, doing chores, cleaning your house, picking up the kids, getting to the gym.  Sound familiar? My days are certainly a bit manic lately and I know for me, I can easily feel burnt out from the stress. … [Read more...]

Why Aren’t We Kinder to Ourselves?

Be Kind to Yourself

We must be kind to others. In fact, showing kindness, even to a stranger, is a big tenet of Christianity and most religions. As the teaching goes "do unto others as you would have them do unto you" (paraphrasing a bit). So then why do so many of us have a difficult time being kind and understanding with ourselves? … [Read more...]