Toddler and Siri Have Cutest Conversation

Happy Friday friends! There's nothing better to help kick-off the weekend than a smile and a chuckle. And as we know, kids and animals are often the best cause for smiling. That's why when we came across this adorable video, we had to share it. … [Read more...]

We Should Treasure Our Friends

Who among us doesn't know that life can be tough sometimes? If you're like the 99.98% of the world that has seen life's more challenging side, you know how important friends can be -- true friends who are there for you when the world brings you to your wits end. … [Read more...]

15 Life Lessons We Must Learn

Why do you suppose that people seem to be happiest from their teens though to about the age of 30?  During those years, most people find it to be a wonderful time in life, being more confident, full of exuberance and really pumped for the future.  Why is that? … [Read more...]