There is a Real Hunger For Love

Perhaps one of the most valuable treasures we have on this earth, is love. Love is probably the only truly priceless 'commodity' that has an endless, free supply. Since love is infinite and free, why do so many of us seek it, sometimes feeling like we'll never find it? … [Read more...]

In Celebration of Moms

This Sunday we celebrate "Mom." Considering all they do and give, it seems like one day a year to honor them isn't enough. Mom's all across the world nurture, care, love, teach, help and encourage -- I think "Mom's" are perhaps the most selfless people among us. … [Read more...]

The Horrors of Animal Cruelty

One cannot be a good or positive person if they ignore or dismiss cruelty to any form of life -- that is just a fact, no matter how uncomfortable it is to accept. To be a good, compassionate human being, each of us must always defend the most vulnerable in our world -- and animals are perhaps the most vulnerable and abused. … [Read more...]