Crazy Jumping Cat Compilation

Okay, so by now you see that I love Cats! Well, you probably can tell I love all animals. What's not to love? I find animals to be an endless source of joy and amazement. Since it's Friday, I want to share a video that will put a smile on your face. … [Read more...]

The Mumbling Cat

Pet owners know our animal companions do some weird things. There's no explaining why a Cat will suddenly leap up and race around the house, flying around corners and over furniture like a demented nutter. But, has your Pet ever talked?  Watch one little critter as he mutters and chatters. … [Read more...]

Frisky Furry Felines

When we two-legged creatures go off to work for the day, our furry four-legged friends are left to entertain themselves. As most pet parents know, what they get up to is anyone's guess -- but mischief is one sure bet. When we finally get home, our little critter's literally leap for joy. … [Read more...]

The Most Loving Cat In The World

There's a good reason why video clips of animals are so popular on the web -- who can resist a cute animal doing something goofy?  Since it's "feel good Friday," we found a clip we'd like to share to help kick-off your weekend on a positive note.   Enjoy and we hope you have a great weekend! … [Read more...]