My Prayer For You

The power of prayer is very strong.  In fact, it's awesome! Even non-believers are known to, on occasion, say a prayer for help -- it's only natural.  When it comes to being a positive person, prayer and positivity go hand-in-hand because how you pray and what you pray for, are directly tied to your outlook on life. … [Read more...]

The Remarkable Power of Prayer

Faith, hope and love.  These are three incredibly powerful emotions that have something in common -- they're all integral elements of prayer.  When we pray, we're communicating with a sensation of love and we're filled with hope and a reassuring faith.  The fact is, prayer has awesome power. … [Read more...]

7 Prayers to Overcome Negativity

When it comes to negative thoughts and feelings, getting rid of them can be a life-long pursuit.  Some people use meditation, some seek the guidance of a Therapist and some, like me, turn to prayer.  Throughout the ages, prayer has been a proven way to shed our burdens. … [Read more...]

Get Rid Of The Cobwebs of Negativity In Your Mind


Do our thoughts create our future?  According to Louise Hay, bestselling author, speaker and inspirational teacher, they are.   If your thoughts are centered on the positive, then this is a good thing.  But, if your thoughts are focused on the negative, this concept should be enough to stir you into action. … [Read more...]