Bored With Retirement? You Can Easily Un-retire!

Many people look forward to retirement -- sleeping late, playing Golf, going for long walks -- retirement can be wonderful!  But, some people retire and find that they're actually a bit bored and yearn to return to the workforce -- we have some great resources to help you do just that! … [Read more...]

Don’t Let Em’ Get You Down!

Don't let them get you down

There was a period in my life in which I was happy and contented in all aspects of life, except for work. I had begun a new job and had all the usual excitement and high hopes that come along with a fresh career opportunity -- yes, I was a bit nervous, but it paled in significance to the anticipation that this could finally be my dream job. … [Read more...]

Why Being More “Likeable” Should be a Priority

How to be exceptionally Likeable

I used to think that my success in life was dependent upon my natural talent and on my level of education, career accomplishments and personal achievements.  I figured that by doing well, particularly at work, I would be praised and would go bounding up the ladder of success with no obstacles in my way. … [Read more...]

Job Hunting? Don’t Say These Words in Your Interview

Job interview -2

By Jacquelyn Smith, via Business Insider Aside from submitting a résumé full of typos, the quickest way to be eliminated from consideration for a new job is making an avoidable interview blunder — like putting your foot in your mouth. "Every year we see more surveys and polls come out listing some of the crazy things that candidates do or say in job interviews," says … [Read more...]

Yes, You Can Learn to be Self-Confident


Even the most accomplished and capable people experiences moments of self-doubt.  Your friend with nerves of steel?  Even they have flashes of fear and vulnerability.  Life throws us many challenges and the only way to really be better prepared for them is to fortify your self-confidence (note that I said "better prepared"). … [Read more...]