Overcoming Social Anxiety


When most people think of Eleanor Roosevelt, the image of a confident, outgoing vivacious person comes to mind.  She was after all, First Lady of the United States, so it stands to reason she was a real dynamo, right?  Well, not exactly. … [Read more...]

Using Science to Overcome Loneliness


I've had moments in my life when I've felt lonely, even when I've been in a room full of people.  I've also had moments when I was alone, but didn't feel lonely in the slightest. Apparently, those two contradictory states of mind are perfectly normal.  But,  what is loneliness? … [Read more...]

It’s Good to Laugh: Hilarious TV News Bloopers, Part 2!


Last week we posted a reel of TV news bloopers and the response has been great.  We posted them on a Monday, to help kick-off the work week on an upbeat note.  Well, today is Wednesday, or, as it's commonly called, "hump day."  So what better way to get passed the mid-week blues than with round 2 of the bloopers! … [Read more...]

10 Things to Stop Doing on Social Media

Social Media-1

By Andrea Cannon, via WiseBread. Let's face it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and Pinterest can all be very addicting. It can be fun and rewarding to post photos, articles, and updates that make us happy. However, there are certain things you should stop doing on your social media accounts by the time you start entering the world of real adulthood. … [Read more...]