Could Mankind Become Obsolete?

Resistance is futile. You will assimilate and become part of the Borg collective.  Technology is developing faster than humans can keep up with -- but this is a good thing, right?  Maybe not. The latest prediction for the future, is the merging of human flesh with machines. … [Read more...]

America Lags in Job Training

In America, we put a very strong emphasis on getting a college education -- while there's nothing wrong with getting a college degree, as a nation, are we ignoring trade and technical training to our detriment?  Have we pinned our whole future on "white collar" careers? … [Read more...]

Teen Creates App So Bullied Kids Don’t Have to Eat Alone

Remember when you were in the school cafeteria, lunch tray in hand and you nervously wondered where to sit?  Worried about who to sit with?  For some kids, that choice is a scary one -- no one wants to sit alone, but worse is being told "sorry, this seat is saved." No kid should every have to eat lunch alone. … [Read more...]

7 Easy Ways to Relieve Stress and Lift Your Mood

I bet your days are hectic -- constantly going, working,  cell phone ringing, doing chores, cleaning your house, picking up the kids, getting to the gym.  Sound familiar? My days are certainly a bit manic lately and I know for me, I can easily feel burnt out from the stress. … [Read more...]