Little Pearls of Wisdom to Live By

Its the little gems which are often the most valuable. Sometimes, the most basic of thoughts or, 'lessons,' are the very ones that have the greatest impact on our lives -- those little 'pearls of wisdom' that stick with and guide us through our lives. … [Read more...]

5 Key Habits of Positive Thinkers

Being a positive person -- someone who focuses on the good and strives to be optimistic, is a true art-form. In a way, positivity is a skill, as much as it is a trait. This skill needs to be nurtured over time and even the most ardent of positive thinkers can tell you, it's not always easy. … [Read more...]

10 Ways to Simplify Your Life

To put this as simply as I can -  simplicity is all the rage these days, and for a very good reason: people are tired of the hectic frenzy that now passes for daily life. Simplicity and serenity are in fashion, while frenzy has gone out of style. … [Read more...]

3 Social Security Myths Exposed

The rules for collecting Social Security are so confusing, one needs a Master's in Finance to navigate the ever-changing guidelines. With so many updates and and exceptions, is it any wonder people are bewildered trying to distinguish between fact and myth? Fortunately, there is help. … [Read more...]