The Most Beautiful Flower

What better way to start your weekend off, than with a poem that has a very powerful message.  We like to bring our reader's stories that inspire and motivate and this is just such a 'story.'  I found so many inspirational messages within this story/poem and I hope you do as well.  … [Read more...]

Forgiveness Letters Set You Free

Did  you know that you can literally transform your life for the better, simply by being a more forgiving person -- and that goes for forgiving others and yourself.  Having a forgiving and generous spirit is one of the simplest ways to live life happy. … [Read more...]

Mom’s Touching Reunion with her Lost Cat

A lost pet reunited with their family is always a beautiful and touching moment.  But, imagine if your beloved pet was missing for almost two years -- you'd always have a glimmer of hope, but after so long, you'd probably believe a reunion wasn't in the cards. … [Read more...]

We Must Keep Hope Alive

Too many of us give up on our desire to do good in the world.  We have hearts filled with love, compassion and hope, but we let outside influences crush our yearning to make a positive difference in the world; worse still, this is increasingly happening on a much larger scale these days.  … [Read more...]