There’s No Charge for Love

There's no charge for love.   Love is free and should be given with that in mind -- love costs you nothing, but for the one receiving love, the value is priceless.  To be loved is a true blessing, so please let love flow freely. … [Read more...]

Invaluable Life Lessons

I often find that the simplest reminders about life are always the most effective.  With our hectic lives, its all too easy to forget about the really important things in life and a gentle reminder to nudge us back onto the right path seems to come at just the right time. … [Read more...]

Free Yourself From Toxic People

To quote Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.”  That makes you stop and wonder about who you are associating with, doesn't it?  "Show me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are?" … [Read more...]

The Remarkable Power of Prayer

Faith, hope and love.  These are three incredibly powerful emotions that have something in common -- they're all integral elements of prayer.  When we pray, we're communicating with a sensation of love and we're filled with hope and a reassuring faith.  The fact is, prayer has awesome power. … [Read more...]

5 Easy Steps to Get and Stay Motivated

Getting motivated can be a real challenge and staying motivated is often just as difficult.  Getting and staying motivated is much easier than you think and usually just requires taking that first step -- and that first step starts with you. What better time to get focused than right now? … [Read more...]