This Adorable Dog is Sure to Make You Smile

Anyone with a Pet knows that they can bring pure joy into our lives.  Not only are they wonderful companions, but they're also a fantastic source of emotional and social support for humans -- and they're just plain cute and rarely fail to put a smile on our face! … [Read more...]

Let’s Confront Facebook Envy

There's a rising chorus of voices declaring "that's it, I'm done with Facebook!"  But like addicts, they're right back on there within a week.  So, does using Facebook or other social media help, or harm us?  What effect does all this connectivity have on our mental state? … [Read more...]

Stop, Thief! 8 Habits That Will Rob You of Happiness

Don't chase happiness - it's easier to find than you may believe.  You just may be 'looking' in the wrong place. I feel that today, we are conditioned to believe that happiness is elusive -- that the journey to find 'happiness' is fraught with danger and frustration.  The truth is, it's actually quite easy to become a happier person.  … [Read more...]