Four Steps to Stronger Self-Views

Self-worth, or 'positive self-views,' is really taking a beating. Today, it seems that more and more people are doubting their own worth -- feeling like they're just not good enough. Could this be due to the explosion of social media? The good news is, self-esteem can be improved. … [Read more...]

Don’t Be a Prisoner of Hatred

"Hate," is a very strong word. Hatred is having intense or passionate feelings of dislike or revenge for someone or something. But 'hate,' has lost it's meaning today and we routinely hear "oh, I hate her so much!"  The reality is, hate is one of life's most toxic emotions. … [Read more...]

Could Mankind Become Obsolete?

Resistance is futile. You will assimilate and become part of the Borg collective.  Technology is developing faster than humans can keep up with -- but this is a good thing, right?  Maybe not. The latest prediction for the future, is the merging of human flesh with machines. … [Read more...]

Get Into the Zone to Shake Off Negativity

We all like to think of ourselves as 'can do' superheroes, capable of doing it all.  Alas, we're only human and while having that drive and determination is an amazing mind-set, we all have our up, down and in-between days. No one is totally immune from negativity. … [Read more...]