We Should Fear the Adult Bully


Bully!  The dictionary defines bully as: “a person who uses strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker.”  When we think of a bully, we picture one child bullying another. However, adults can be bullies too, and they're the most frightening bullies of all. … [Read more...]

The Politics of Hatred


The election may be over, but the rage and hatred continues.  Sadly, the vitriol and hostility may be even worse than it was prior to election day.  That it has gotten worse is very alarming and should be a loud wake-up call to Americans. … [Read more...]

Did God Propel Donald Trump to Victory?


Donald Trump won the election and Hillary lost because God was on Donald Trump's side.  If he is on Trump's side, He was clearly against Hillary Clinton.  Did God offer a divine hand of support to help Trump become President?  Will Donald Trump be a heavenly anointed President? … [Read more...]

Archie Bunker’s America


The tragedy in Orlando is giving millions of people around the world reason to pause and do some deep reflecting on life.  Really, its caused many of us to reflect on the life we humans have created -- the type of existence that we've forged for ourselves. … [Read more...]

Preacher: ‘Evil Comes in Like a Flood’

Love and faith are the answer

Anne Lotz, daughter of Bill Graham recently said we are "in the end times" and that "America is now at the tipping point." Anne asserts that because of the U.S. "abandoning Israel, abortion and gay marriage," God has decided to "leave us to our sin" and that evil will just "keep pouring in." … [Read more...]

When You Hate, Do You Take a Step Away from God?

Opponents to same sex marriage

Today, by a ruling of 5-4, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of legalizing same-sex marriage in all 50 states. This ruling was not unexpected. It has caused both celebration and anger. Those who support gay marriage are elated and those who oppose it are upset -- some opponents are actually enraged.  Why? … [Read more...]