Mom’s Touching Reunion with her Lost Cat

A lost pet reunited with their family is always a beautiful and touching moment.  But, imagine if your beloved pet was missing for almost two years -- you'd always have a glimmer of hope, but after so long, you'd probably believe a reunion wasn't in the cards. … [Read more...]

The Spirit of the Season is Love

What is the spirit of the season?  Is it presents, brightly colored lights, Candy Canes and Eggnog?  You bet it is!  But those things, while wonderful, are just part of the magic of the holiday season.  The real spirit of the season is love -- pure, undiluted love. … [Read more...]

Radiate Love And You Will Receive Love

Radiate Love-2

Do you or someone you know radiate love?   I'm not talking about a romantic love, but a vibrant love -- an energy that you actually harness and radiate inward and outward to everyone and everything. Does that sound "new age" to you?  It shouldn't, because it's actually a basic human emotion.  At some point in time and to certain people, without being aware of it, you radiate … [Read more...]