Four Steps to Stronger Self-Views

Self-worth, or 'positive self-views,' is really taking a beating. Today, it seems that more and more people are doubting their own worth -- feeling like they're just not good enough. Could this be due to the explosion of social media? The good news is, self-esteem can be improved. … [Read more...]

Our Unhealthy Culture of Outrage

I'm furious right now!  No, strike that -- I'm enraged right now!  I'm offended, upset, resentful, indignant -- I'm so incensed that I need to vent. What am I angry about?  Well, just wait until you find out, because you'll be as outraged as I am -- or at least you should be! … [Read more...]

Let’s Confront Facebook Envy

There's a rising chorus of voices declaring "that's it, I'm done with Facebook!"  But like addicts, they're right back on there within a week.  So, does using Facebook or other social media help, or harm us?  What effect does all this connectivity have on our mental state? … [Read more...]

Some of Our Most Popular Facebook Posts

We're thrilled to share some of our most popular Facebook shares. If you haven't liked us on Facebook, we hope you'll consider doing so. Thanks! Press the play button to see these great Facebook posts and hopefully, one of the messages will inspire you! (p.s. they're best viewed in full screen mode).   … [Read more...]

Archie Bunker’s America

The tragedy in Orlando is giving millions of people around the world reason to pause and do some deep reflecting on life.  Really, its caused many of us to reflect on the life we humans have created -- the type of existence that we've forged for ourselves. … [Read more...]

Mom Shames ‘Bully’ Son in Facebook Post Gone Viral

Bullying.  We hear this word often these days.  However, I wonder if it's losing it's true meaning, because the term is increasingly misused.  If we over-use or incorrectly use the term 'bull," many kids won't know what it truly means to bully someone.   Could that already be happening?  … [Read more...]