Little Pearls of Wisdom to Live By

Its the little gems which are often the most valuable. Sometimes, the most basic of thoughts or, 'lessons,' are the very ones that have the greatest impact on our lives -- those little 'pearls of wisdom' that stick with and guide us through our lives. … [Read more...]

5 Key Habits of Positive Thinkers

Being a positive person -- someone who focuses on the good and strives to be optimistic, is a true art-form. In a way, positivity is a skill, as much as it is a trait. This skill needs to be nurtured over time and even the most ardent of positive thinkers can tell you, it's not always easy. … [Read more...]

Lucky Man Captures Once-in-A-Lifetime Moment

Nature rarely fails to amaze and inspire. Whenever I hear someone say "I need motivation!" I tell them "head out into the wild, because that is the surest place to find your inspiration." The majesty and beauty of nature is a most awe-inspiring force, and it's right outside our door. … [Read more...]

Ways to Minimize the Harmful Effects of Worrying

Worry, worry, worry. A lot of worrying going on, especially in this day-and-age. Is it human nature to worry?  Do animals worry?  I worry that I don't know the answer to those questions. All kidding aside, I think all of us worry to some degree. Can we ever stop worrying? … [Read more...]

7 Sage Quotes to Inspire You

"Feel Good Friday" has rolled around once more. They say never go to bed angry and that is very sage advice indeed. So when it comes to transitioning into your weekend, we like to play a small role in helping you start if off on a positive note, with some inspiring words. … [Read more...]