Wanna Know a Secret?

https://www.facebook.com/Positivity-Post-850385048367345The secret to happiness is something millions…if not billions of us, long to know. But what if its really not a secret at all? What if the path to long-lasting happiness, is one easily found and followed? Maybe that there is no secret, is the secret?


Chasing happiness has become an obsession in our world. People seek it here and they seek it there, always reading, asking, wondering — “How can I be happy?”  “Why is she so happy?” It seems like every other day, a new fad comes along promising peace and happiness and people, craving the answer to the “secret,” chase every fad until the next one comes along.

The Secret Is…

There really is no secret. The key and path to happiness, is something that is already within each of us. The long-sought answers, have already been given. So what are they?

  • Love: Love all life – your fellow man, nature and animals. Don’t love things…love things that are alive, both physically and spiritually. You don’t have to “like” everyone…you just have to love them. Loving all is the most freeing experience in the world. It forces the negative out and lets the light in. Fact.
  • Hope: Have hope. Look for the brighter side. Be enlivened and joyful — its something you choose, not something granted. Be hopeful and let hope fill you with the energy to move forward in life.
  • Charity: Give. Help. Inspire. Do things for other people, without any expectation of reward. As you see your good deeds making someone else’s life a bit easier, yours will become easier too. It works.
  • Gratitude: Be thankful. Appreciate what you have. Pursue the truly important and valuable things in life and watch how much easier it will become to have gratitude.

And perhaps the greatest non-secret to happiness is…

  • Faith: Faith is sort of like having love, hope, charity and gratitude all wrapped up in one package. Faith is knowing something is true and real, even if you can’t see it. Have faith in abundance by believing, loving, hoping, giving and thanking.

It’s disheartening that so many of us are always seeking what is in truth, right in front of us. The secret to happiness isn’t a secret at all, but rather, is a choice we make every single day — those choices determine our happiness. Choose to love, have hope, be generous, thankful and above all, to have faith and then, happiness will bubble up within you.