Choose To Be Different“I just want to be happy.” “I want to be a more positive person.” How many people, perhaps even yourself, have made these statements? We all want to be happy and positive — who on earth wouldn’t? The sad thing is though, too many people who say they want it…don’t even bother trying.



Its all a matter of choice. A person can wake up and choose to be happy, or they can opt to be miserable. We can either accept our own role in making happiness and positivity, or we can keep searching endlessly for it, hoping someone else will give it to us…they won’t. And part of making that choice, is sincerely and consciously making the necessary changes in our thoughts and habits to bring it all to fruition. There has been a social media post “Choose to be different” making the rounds on social media, here is that wonderful piece, with some additions:

Choose To Be Different:

Yes, I’m different…

I choose to love without having an agenda.

I choose to forgive when my ego cries out for revenge.

I choose to listen to my heart when it calls my name.

I choose to trust even though others have let me down.

I choose to accept instead of judging others differences.

I choose to communicate instead of shutting down.

I choose to care instead of being comfortably numb.

I choose to laugh rather than take myself too seriously.

I choose to rise up under pressure instead of giving up.

I choose to be positive instead of negative.

I choose to be kind instead of cruel.

I choose peace instead of conflict.

I choose to be different…

Let’s all be different. Let’s choose to cleanse ourselves of negativity and instead, be happy, kind and compassionate. Let’s choose to love, forgive and accept. Today, let us all choose to finally set ourselves free from the toxic emotions and attitudes that have held us back for far too long.