Hate Is A Four Letter Word

https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063484929929Each day, we wake up with choices to make. We can choose to be in a bad mood, or we can choose to look on the bright side. Of course, making choices isn’t always easy, but that’s the thing about choices and choosing wisely…it can be very difficult.


“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.” — Martin Luther King, Jr.

When trying to make the choice between love and hate, hurt or healing, consider this:

Hate has 4 letters…so does love.

Enemies has 7 letters…so does friends.

Lying has 5 letters…so does truth.

Hurt has 4 letters…so does heal.

Cry has 3 letters…so does joy.

Negativity has 10 letters…so does positivity.

Life is two sided, so make sure to choose the better side of it.

– Author Unknown

“Watch your manner of speech if you wish to develop a peaceful state of mind. Start each day by affirming peaceful, contented and happy attitudes and your days will tend to be pleasant and successful.” ― Norman Vincent Peale

Positivity is a choice but so is negativity. Happiness is a choice, but so is being miserable. Life isn’t always easy and it can seem overwhelming at times, so that’s why its so vitally important that we always consciously choose to be a positive, loving and caring person. Hang in there and do the best you can, because that’s all any of us can do. And remember, a negative attitude never solved anything, but a positive one will almost always keep you in the light and on the right path.

“Great things happen to those who don’t stop believing, trying, learning, and being grateful.” ― Roy T. Bennett

“Happiness is not by chance but by choice.” ― Jim Rohn

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.”  ― Norman Vincent Peale