Things We All Need To Hear and Remember is that we are quick to compliment another person, but when it comes to ourselves, we’re often our own worst critic? While we don’t want to be egotistical, we do need to routinely recognize our own value.

We’re all entitled to some positive self-praise now and then and it’s vital that we take the time to recognize our merits and value and make it a habit to give ourselves the proverbial “pat on the back.”  One good way to do just that, is to use positive self-affirmations, because they really do work and they’re great tool for strengthening our personal positivity. What also works is reminding ourselves every day that we really do matter and we have a lot to offer.

Here are five things we should not only tell ourselves daily, but believe daily:

Five Things to Tell Yourself Daily

I am good enough.
No one is perfect and we all make mistakes and no matter what, I know that I am worthy and I am good enough!

I will keep trying.
I may not always get it right, but I just have to keep trying my best.

I will stay positive.
I will focus on the positives in my life and I will be grateful for all that I have.

I will become better.
Not better than anyone else, but better than the person I was yesterday. I will grow and evolve into the person I know I am.

I choose happiness.
Each and every day, I consciously choose to be a happy, grounded person. I will live the life I imagine.

We too often become overly self critical and this is a habit we need to be mindful to avoid. Once we get in the habit of tearing ourselves down, it becomes toxic and zaps our positivity.  Of course, being cognizant of our short-comings is a good thing, but in moderation and, not if it means we bring ourselves down all the time.

We’re all just trying to get by in this world and lead as good and fulfilling a life as possible. Give yourself more credit and recognize that each and every one of us matters and we’re all valuable.

“Believe in yourself! Have faith in your abilities! Without a humble but reasonable confidence in your own powers you cannot be successful or happy.” – Norman Vincent Peale