Seeing The Green Flags In People’ve come to recognize red flags in people in order to protect ourselves from their toxicity. But what about what are known as green flags in people? Do we still have the ability to see the kindness and good in people?


I think most of us have been hurt or betrayed by people, so we tend to be guarded when it comes to meeting new people and letting them into our lives. Its sad that we have to be this way, but it arose out of necessity. But fortunately, there are so many good people out there and we now have to recognize who we can trust and rely on.

We can rely on our instincts to help guide us in determining if a person is bad or good, negative or positive, but there are also some important “green flags” that clue us in to someone’s personality.

These 9 geen flags are a good place to start in helping us to know a person’s nature:

1. They celebrate your wins

2. They encourage you to be yourself

3. You don’t have to watch what you say around them

4. They remember small things about you, which shows they care

5. They have respect for your personal boundaries

6. You feel good and energized after seeing them

7. They listen without being defensive

8. They make you feel safer

9. They support your goals

There are a lot of really good people out there and many ways to identify who they are. We don’t even need to necessarily become best friends with someone just because they’re good either — its okay to simply have some type of healthy relationship with them, even if its just conversational.

Positivity attracts positivity and helping each other to foster and spread light is a wonderful thing. Today is a good time to look for the green flags of positivity in those we know or may meet.